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Final Score: 87/100

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December 2013 (estimated)
April 26, 2016
Data Revised
February 11, 2017
Mobile & Tablet
Content Updates
Few times a week
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Review by John Woole, May 4, 2016


Mea Melone challenges amateur guys to satisfy her and cum, all in front of the camera. Will they perform under pressure?


  • Very unique scenes
  • Mea Melone seems to honestly enjoy banging all these guys
  • Superb quality, Full HD & 50 fps, both downloadable and streamable
  • A good amount of scenes


  • Have to enter a captcha on every second download
  • No subtitles for the Czech speech
  • No searching & sorting options
  • No mobile-optimized version of the site available

We're reviewing a very refreshing reality porn site today. The star of Melone Challenge is Mea Melone, the sexy, Czech, long-legged brunette porn star. She challenges amateur men to fuck her, and she grades their performances afterwards. If you want to fuck Melone, you can even apply to be a performer! But first things first, read our review.

Not everyone is cut out to be a porn star, erections can fade in front of the lights and cameras. Melone knows this, but she is a nympho who is willing to take some new dicks for a test drive. She is comfortable in both the dominant and the submissive roles. She will have the guys lick her pussy and she sits on their faces sometimes. At the end of the show, she is also not afraid to tell the guy if he didn't perform good enough. However, Melone also happily gives blowjobs to any guy that gets on the show, and she might taste their semen if they manage to cum.

I enjoyed the videos much, they are very original and hot. Most of them are one-on-one sex, but there are also threesomes and group sex scenes. Sometimes even the female assistant of Mea Melone joins in. Mea has a majestic presence, perfect body, large tits, long legs, and some tattoos on her skin. Her assistant is, in contrast, like Ugly Betty. Just hornier.

The videos are perfect quality. 1080p Full HD is available for both download and to stream online. But that's not all, the videos are also recorded at a modern 50 fps framerate, making the videos smoother than most. (50 fps is the European equivalent of 60 fps.)
The only complaint I have about the content is that the recent videos have no subtitles, so you won't understand the Czech speech. It's not that big of a deal, you'll pretty much get everything from the gestures.

Each episode has a photo gallery in addition to the videos. The galleries are actually totally free, you can view them without a membership. These aren't hardcore like the videos. Mea Melone teases us in sexy clothes and exposes her pussy in the photos. The images are absolutely high quality. I'm probably not supposed to complain about something that I get for free. The galleries could be a bit longer, there are some broken thumbs, and I missed the option to download them as ZIP files.

The members' area has a really simple, but good looking design. It's basically a list of all updates, with shortcuts to watch the episodes online and to download them. One thing that annoyed me was that on every second download, I got a captcha that I had to enter. That shouldn't happen in a paid area. After entering the characters that appear, the files downloaded quickly. Things I missed from the design were the searching and sorting features.

A note for mobile users. The site is not optimized for mobiles. For instance, I could not find a way to watch the smaller version of the videos online. However, if you can stream Full HD files, or you're fine with downloading the videos—and you don't mind zooming in sometimes to click a smaller link—you'll be okay.

While there are no dates next to the episodes, my calculations say that the library has been growing steadily with a new episode every week.

Melone Challenge is an awesome site, with very original videos that you won't find anywhere else. They could improve the user interface a bit, and add subtitles, but the videos are super hot. The payments are handled by the oldschool & reliable Epoch, which also lets you pay by PayPal & PaySafe on this site.
If you like the idea of Melone fucking all these stranger guys, you'll enjoy it just like I did. Or if you're brave enough, you can even apply as a performer!

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126 scenes
Avg. length
16 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 11200 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 1375 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
3700 x 2470 px HQ


No webcams on this site

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