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June 2015 (estimated)
December 17, 2015
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December 15, 2017
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Review by John Woole, February 20, 2016


Lesbian reality porn. A Czech girl invites amateur girls for a coffee, and has sex with them! A small site, but it gives access to the whole Mental Pass network.


  • Original & exclusive lesbian reality porn
  • Pretty amateurs
  • Great quality videos (Full HD and 50fps)
  • You get the whole Mental Pass (nice reality & amateur sites)


  • Small collection (if you don't count the bonus sites)
  • Rare updates (if you don't count the bonus sites)
  • Only HD, no SD, which can be a problem if you have a very slow connection
  • Some links are a bit small on mobile screens

Lesbian Pickups is a reality site with a twist—this time it's girls picking up girls! A Czech blonde drives around in the hopes of getting some amateur pussy.

The bad news I should immediately tell you is that this site is small. Really small. There are 7 Lesbian Pickups scenes in total, at the time of the review. If you're not here strictly for the lesbian sex, the network access will save the day though. Your password will work on Mental Pass, you'll get access to all of their reality and amateur sex content.

But let's go back to our main topic, Lesbian Pickups. After watching the scenes, I have to say that they're really hot. I'm not always in the mood for lesbian porn, but the realistic pickups with banter and seduction quickly had me excited. The seductress is a very hot statuesque blonde, she drives a car that looks just like a taxi. She'll have a hot girl jump in, and then she works her magic by offering her a free ride if she accepts a coffee invitation.

Soon enough they'll end up in the driver girl's apartment—or sometimes outdoors, by the side of the road. ;-)
There will be stripping, wet pussies being licked, fingering, and sex toys, everything that's needed in a good lesbian porn. The first part with the pickup is recorded from a POV angle, but once they get to the sex part, you'll see the hot bodies of both girls.

The videos are really high quality. There are two resolutions, 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD). They also use 50fps which not many sites do. It makes the movement in the videos very smooth. I should note that there is a lot of talking in the videos. The language is Czech, but you'll understand everything because they include subtitles.

Let's talk a bit about the members' area, and usability. After you enter your pass, you get taken to the network members' area of Mental Pass, where you can watch or download the content of all their sites. The user interface is nice and logical. You can view the content of a single site (like Lesbian Pickups), or the updates of all sites together (switch using the dropdown box at the top right). There are no search functions apart from the few keywords that are added to the sets, that department could be improved.

The site is not designed for mobiles, but the simple layout works pretty well. A little zooming in may be necessary to tap some links. You can view and download all content on smartphones, as long as the 400 megabytes/video isn't a problem for you. Yes, it would be nice if they added some lower quality alternatives for those who prefer smaller files because of their connection or older phone model. (One more note, the online streaming version of the vids wouldn't play for me on Chrome Mobile, but I didn't have any problems on Firefox Mobile.)

As for the updates, the situation is not too great, new episodes come every 2-3 months. You'll get updates every week though, if you also count the other sites that you get access to.

Lesbian Pickups has really great lesbian reality content. The girls are amateurs who are young and pretty, except for the one hot MILF. It's too bad that the library is so small and that they don't update often. Still, if you're interested in the other sites that you get with Mental Pass, the membership is worth getting. Cancellations are always easy, since they use CCBILL as their merchant.

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7 scenes
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25 mins
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mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2640 kbps


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