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Final Score: 75/100

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January 20, 2016
February 12, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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Review by John Woole, February 12, 2016


Put on your VR headset, sit on the couch, and and watch the orgy that is happening in your living room. Or lay back on the bed and watch how Keisha Grey and Abella Danger share your cock.


  • First class porn stars
  • Long scenes with more than one girl in them
  • Nice video quality and colors
  • They listen to user feedback and keep improving


  • Small collection at the time of the review
  • No 60fps yet (coming soon, and the past scenes will be re-released)
  • 3D is not perfect in all scenes yet (will also get re-released)

I think that virtual reality porn is quite exciting, and we try to review all new significant websites in the genre. Holo Girls VR is one of them. While it is still very new and quite small, the girls and the execution make it promising.

Let me say a few words about VR porn—those familiar with the basics can skip this paragraph. Watching VR porn is a intimate experience, it feels like you're part of the videos, and you're the one that the girls blow and ride. The key to the whole thing is the VR headset, which you will need to buy. The most advanced ones are Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. However, if you have a modern Android or Apple smartphone, you can also turn those into a VR headset. All you'll need is a VR headset case for your phone, the cheapest ones literally cost only a few dollars. Look up "Google Cardboard" plus your phone name on Amazon. If you want some more details about the VR technology and how it feels, I recommend reading our first review of Virtual Real Porn. (It is linked under this article, in the Similar Sites box.)

Ok, let's take a look at the content here. Unfortunately the site is quite small, at the time of the review there are 8 scenes. I do appreciate it that it's transparent though. Not only do they list all of their scenes in the free tour, there are free samples that you can download right away, without signing up.

I'm a 100% satisfied with the talent on Holo Girls VR. They have super hot girls like Brett Rossi, Blake Eden, Lea Lexis, and August Ames. It's hard to resist downloading scenes with such babes. Several older scenes feature orgies that you are a voyeur of. Now I personally like their newest scenes better, with POV threesomes that have you in the center. It's an awesome experience to watch how Keisha Grey and Abella Danger share your cock for instance. I'd say they're going in the right direction!

The video quality is pretty sweet if you ask me. The videos are 270°, so you can look around, but there is nothing behind your back. I think it makes sense, noone wants to spin around while watching VR porn. I'm actually fine with 180° too, but this is an acceptable middle ground. The videos are currently 30fps, and 3D is not perfect in all scenes supposedly. So they are planning to re-release scenes all scenes those things addressed, plus they'll add an even higher video resolution for Oculus.
I might not be critical enough, because the scenes look great to me. The colors are great too, it is true that there is no VR "washout" here.

I was able to play the higher version of the files smoothly on my Smartphone too. A tip, you need to select "Stacked 360°" as the format if asked. Now one related drawback is that I don't know a Cardboard player which allows hands-free fast forward for 360°, but hopefully the players will improve.

There is not much to say about the user interface. It's really simple and smooth on both computers and mobiles. It takes two clicks or taps to download videos, and the downloads are fast. I'm glad that this site is not forcing you to watch the videos streamed like some sites do. There are no search features and no model index, but that's fine until they grow larger.

What I missed is that there is no fixed update schedule and there are no dates visible for the past updates either. They've added 3 new scenes in the first 3 weeks after the launch though, which is pretty good for a VR site. While we do not give out points for plans, it's good to know that they are planning to add multiple updates a week in the future.

In conclusion I'd say that Holo Girls VR is a work in progress, with some very hot, good quality scenes already. If you're a real VR porn enthusiast who's looking for some extra content, the site is already worth subscribing to. Cancellation will be easy, as they use CCBILL for billing. You should download their free samples, they will definitely help you decide if it's worth it for you.
Now if you still have some other stuff to go through, you should wait a bit with the Holo Girls VR subscription. In 1-2 months they'll probably have a lot more vids, the reencoded version of the current scenes, with the planned improvements applied. I think that Holo Girls VR has the potential to become one of the best VR porn sites within a few months of this review. You should keep an eye on it.

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21 mins
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