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Final Score: 82/100

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October 2014 (estimated)
September 4, 2016
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September 4, 2016
Mobile & Tablet
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Review by John Woole, September 4, 2016


Nerdy & sexy Asian-English amateur girl with big boobs. A large blog and and her home videos with masturbation, POV blowjobs, sex, and lesbian sex.


  • Real amateur website of a real girl
  • A good number of videos, great amateur stuff
  • Great articles, Harriet's sexual fantasies and experiences are hot
  • Multiple updates per week
  • The free area has lots of content, it's easy to decide if you like her stuff


  • The website's interface could be improved
  • The photos section is weak
  • No exclusive webcam shows for the members
  • Many of the new updates feature other girls, not Harriet
  • Downloaded videos are in ZIP files, have to uncompress before watching

Most of the solo model sites are pretty much the same. They have a good amount of nude content. But only some short blog entries, with no soul in them. It is nice to come across the site of a girl who's enthusiastic, and wants to really express herself. At first sight, the Harriet Sugarcookie website looks more like a sex blog than a porn paysite. In fact, it is a mixture.

Harriet is basically the cute Asian girl next door. A shy British nympho and a comic book geek at the same time. She has pretty big tits for a teen, too. Harriet masturbates and records having sex for her members, shares her sexual fantasies, and her take on many things in the world. In the ocean of blog articles and porn videos, I couldn't find Harriet's introduction, so I went on a quest to familiarize myself with her.

Apparently, Harriet was fat and had braces during high school, she wasn't very popular. Once she got slimmer and lost her braces, she started to get some attention from the boys. But the big change happened after she was already 18. A friend of hers posted her pic on Reddit, in the /r/NextDoorAsians sub. She got mixed responses, but she really enjoyed the positive feedback from men. Someone there suggested her to do live cams. Harriet checked out MyFreeCams, and she thought it was exciting, so she gave it a go. The rest is history! Her cam got really popular, and later on she decided to create a dedicated website too, for the fans who wanted more of her. That's the membership site that we're reviewing right now.

Harriet Sugarcookie is truly an amateur site, with homemade content. The site grows at a good pace with multiple updates every week, but at the moment, I counted 65 hardcore/BJ videos, 10 lesbian ones, and 35 solo vids. Most of the content is Harriet's. But I should mention that lately more of the updates feature Harriet's friends, like Hannah Sugarcookie, and Velvet.
I've only added the nude stuff in the numbers above. There are also many extra vids, like interviews with porn stars. Those can actually be watched for free, without paying for a membership.

I loved the videos. Harriet is sincere in the movies, and she enjoys doing all this new stuff on camera. It's hot to watch her give her first BJ on camera, or how a guy is fucking her fat young pussy. A good number of the scenes are recorded from a POV angle, so you can imagine how it feels to have your cock being sucked on by a cute young Asian girl. I've enjoyed the masturbation scenes too. Harriet does some cosplay stuff and wears glasses in some videos, which add further hotness.
The video quality is awesome, the downloadable Full HD vids look great. One con here is that the downloaded vids are compressed in ZIP files, so there is always the extra step of uncompressing them. The online video playback is in nice HD quality too.

There is also a photos section, but it's not really significant. It has 8 photo galleries with Harriet. Some have okay quality, the others have a too low resolution, or a grainy picture. The beginnings of these photo sets are viewable without a subscription.

The site does not have a dedicated webcam for the members. If you want to watch Harriet live, you have to go to one of the big cam portals that she does shows on. They are are currently Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.

As I said I really loved the articles written by Harriet. They are not just for the show, like on many porn sites. They are interesting, thoughtful, and often arousing. Harriet writes about some of her own sexual encounters, how they went down and how they felt for her. She has written an article about how she feels about rimming. In another article, she tells us that she'd love to sleep with more girls, but she's too shy to approach them, so she's contemplating on contacting some paid girls. She also writes about many other things that interest her, like dating, movies, video games, and cosplay. The video interviews are great too, she talks to many porn stars, like Tori Black. Those are actually free to watch for non-members too.

HarrietSugarcookie.com is basically a Wordpress blog. It has a large free area that has articles about many things including Harriet's personal sex stories and experiences, and interviews. Also 2 minute long free samples of the nude stuff.
The password protected area is very similar, except that you can play and download the full-length videos. The nice thing about the site is that it works just as nicely on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
What I didn't like about it is that it's a bit slower than most porn sites. The keywords search between all posts & articles, you cannot restrict them to just the videos. At least the videos are categorized under Hardcore, Lesbian, and Solo, that does help. I can live with these things, the site is not that huge yet, you can still find things. I would appreciate a model index though, with an introduction page for Harriet, and the other girls who appear on the site.

After spending a few hours exploring, I can safely say that Harriet Sugarcookie is a site worth checking out. It may not have the biggest amount of content out there, but it is sincere, unique, and exciting. If you find Harriet cute, you'll love her videos. It's easy to decide, as there are lots of free samples and pics that you can view without paying. The payments are handled by the trusted CCBILL, so cancelling will be easy when the time comes.

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14 mins
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m4v 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10100 kbps
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mp4 960 x 540 px 1600 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1280 x 960 px


No webcams on this site

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