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November 18, 2015
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February 22, 2018
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Czech amateurs find relief outdoors, in public parks, on the street, and in the forest. It’s all caught on camera in Full HD niceness. Updated five times a week.

Review by Anne McDonald


  • Exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else
  • Big library, updated with 5 new videos every week
  • Beautiful Czech amateurs
  • Full HD videos with a crystal clear picture
  • Nice value at the current discounted prices


  • Short videos
  • No real photos, just screen captures from the videos
  • The picture viewer could be improved on mobile
  • The mobile streaming player doesn't let you choose HD like on desktops

Mere seconds within intro for this site will be enough to express how these lovely amateur babes spell…R.E.L.I.E.F! What will keep you guessing a bit however – where will they enjoy it next? I'm not sure if it's the seasonal breezes, or just being one with nature, but something certainly grabs these hot babes from Got2Pee, right around the area of the bladder!

It's outdoor urination, where puddles of pleasure are left most anywhere the mood strikes them. Their panties come off, the crotch is slid to one side, and the majority of the puffy mounds are shaved bare of hair, allowing a full-fluid-fledge view of them participating in saturation.

The girls of Got 2 Pee are very hot European amateurs, mainly from the Czech Republic I believe. I was totally satisfied with their lineup. Each girl I witnessed wetting carried the same common denominator of loveliness and a nonchalant type of personality. As if it's the most natural thing in the world, they stop and squat, irrigating weeds along the roadside and dampening pavement of parking lots as well. As they flow through these relieving moments, they'll be watching something off in the distance, or, most of the time, they'll view the act itself as if taking pride in their puddle brings them as much pleasure as it will the voyeurs enjoying this particular fetish. One particular brunette holds a graceful beauty that says she could be strolling the runway, as long as she doesn't drink any Big Gulps before the show starts.

A set from mid December, what is now, last year's archive, carries a set titled, “Sparkly Leggings,” and there's just something about this girl making her a definite eye-catcher. She carries all of the necessary qualifications for making her a vision to behold, a piercing or two, a couple of delicately displayed tattoos, tight fitting leggings, ankle high boots and a look that just says she doesn't take any guff from anyone, and when a girl's gotta go….she's gotta go! A warm hue of pink radiates from her vaginal petals, and there's no denying how she waters this girlish garden. This raven haired honey has a stream powerful enough to possibly take on a few of the male gender, should they decide to have a piss-off-challenge!

There were promises of updates being daily, and they held true to their claim…with the exception of the fact they are now making it a work-week of wetness, they're taking Saturday's and Sunday's off, understandable in case they should hit a dry spell.

They're assuring as a member, you're going to view these peeing pretties in very high quality. The videos are available as both downloadable files and can be viewed online too, with a very nice Full HD option. Download times are quick, buffering is nearly nil, and the realty will be golden from the installments. As time progressed, they even amped things up a bit and raised the Full HD bitrate from 8000kbps to over 10.000kbps. The old files looked good too, but upgrades are always welcome.

Images are not that interesting here as they will come in the form of video screen caps, with no ability to download as a ZIP either.

Layout is user friendly and uniformed, navigation and playback are really smooth. The only thing I missed is a central model library. You can also search for tags/keywords, you have to click on one, and then the keyword filtering functions will appear.
The site works great on mobile phones and tablets too. My only small complaints are that the pic viewer could be improved on mobile, and it would be nice if their online player let us choose a HD resolution if you're on mobile too, not just on desktop computers. This is not that big of a deal though, as the HD files are available for download on mobile too.

Kudos to those behind the scenes for making this moist filled morsel so interactive with their paying members. This is a membership that truly feels like a quality service, the team is interested in your input, and they regularly respond to the comments, assuring you'll see just what you want.

This site caters to a very specific fetish. If you're into outdoor peeing with a voyeur angle, this site has truly amazing, original content. The quality is great, and the updates come 5 times a week. You can't find these vids anywhere else, and browsing the free internet's dark spots for clips will never give you a smooth, high quality pleasure like this. They keep the plot to the peeing, along with the added naughtiness of the urination taking place outdoors, in secluded and also more public areas. The overall beauty and persona of those bladder busting babes being so carefree and sneaky at times, yes, it makes, Got2Pee what it is.


402 scenes (on Jan 20, 2016)
Avg. length
2 mins
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mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10300 kbps
wmv 1440 x 810 px HD 18000 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2300 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 1950 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 1200 kbps


402 (on Jan 20, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1920 x 1080 px HQ


No webcams on this site

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