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April 5, 2017
June 30, 2017
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July 12, 2017
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Review by John Woole, July 12, 2017


Kinky girls play with each other's feet. Some girls ecstatically suck on their girlfriends' toes… others have to be tied down first. And sometimes, they like to add some boys to the mix.


  • Exciting, fun content
  • True focus on the feet
  • Banter and conversations
  • Sexy girls
  • Great price


  • Only online playback, no download links
  • Only HD streaming, no SD alternatives (can be a problem if your internet is very slow)
  • Update schedule unpredictable (but you do get one new scene per week on average)
  • Member area can be a little confusing at first (read our tips in the review)

Girlfriends' Feet is a new site that foot fetish lovers definitely need to know about. A bunch of amateur girls—with the lead of Miss Brat Dom—have fun with their feet. They lick each others' toes, worship them, or playfully abuse each other with their feet.

The crew is very creative at finding fun, exciting situations that revolve around feet. A few scenarios from the site:

  • Tie a girl to the bed. The other two girls touch her boobs and pussy with their feet. They make her sniff & lick their feet, and suck on their toes. Then they get her off by rubbing her pussy with their feet.
  • A lesbian couple romantically worship & lick each others' feet for long time.
  • A solo girl talking to the camera and teasing you with her bare feet.
  • A male slave on his knees has to worship two girls' feet and toes.
  • Nude foot massages
  • Some footjobs
  • And even some vids with transsexual guests

The site is pretty new, but it already has a decent amount of vids. One important thing to note here is that the site is streaming only. You have to watch the movies on the website, there are no download links. (Some of you may be able to save the videos, but it's not officially supported.)

The video quality is nice mostly. It's high quality amateur content, in HD. I've come across a few vids that had a little choppiness to the playback, but most don't have this issue.

The member area is a bit unusual, here's how you find the full vids after you subscribe.

  1. log in with your username / password
  2. click the top banner to get back to the main site
  3. on the scene pages, you have to scroll down to the bottom to find the player with the full video

As for the pics, they only serve as previews. Members get the same 9-12 vid caps which are viewable in the free tour as well. We at x3guide consider that promotional content, so it's not included in our content count. This is a video site.

Apart from finding the video player and the lack of the download links, there are no big issues with the site. Both the navigation and the video player are fast. You can use the keywords in the category dropdown to browse by genres. If you click on a girl's name, you can list all vids thats have her.

I also tested the site on mobile. It's convenient and the videos play nicely. I only found one issue, the category dropdown didn't work. Another small con is that there are no SD alternatives to the HD videos. While the HD vids are not that large, people with slow connections might have issues with HD playback.

Girlfriends' Feet is a great amateur foot fetish site. It has awesome, creative content. All kinds of kinky scenarios, from erotic teasing to foot domination & playful humiliation. It's not that big yet, but the price tag is very reasonable as well. Check out their free tour. If you like their samples, you'll like the full videos inside too. The subscription payments are handled by the reputable CCBILL, so cancellations will never be a problem.

(If you're looking for more kinky stuff from the same crew, you should check out Brat Perversions as well.)

Enter Girlfriend's Feet


47 scenes
Avg. length
10 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3500 kbps
Memberships let you watch all of the videos online. If you also want to download the videos, you have to buy them.


No photos on this site


No webcams on this site

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Recurring Memberships:
1st period price rebills
Trial (3 days) $2.99 rebills at $9.99/month
One month $9.99 rebills at $9.99 / month
Non-recurring Memberships:
length price rebills
3 months $29.99 no rebills
One year $89.99 no rebills

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