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Final Score: 61/100

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March 2015 (estimated)
March 15, 2016
Data Revised
March 29, 2016
Mobile & Tablet
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Few times a week
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Review by John Woole, March 29, 2016


New anal scenes every week, with porn actresses from USA, Europe, and Russia. Comes with a huge bonus library that includes 7700+ non-exclusive anal scenes.


  • New scenes every week
  • Incredible amount of bonus scenes, including 7700 anal videos
  • Smooth on mobile (if your mobile can play HD)
  • Nice special price currently


  • Video resolution is HD, but they could look better
  • Most of the content is not exclusive
  • Can't choose video resolution in the streaming player
  • The mobile site doesn't have the video download links
  • Many ads

FHUTA, or Fuck Her Up The Ass, is a site entirely dedicated to anal sex. The site has a mixture of exclusive and leased content. They have HD anal porn from USA, Europe, and Russia as well.

The girls are pretty porn stars and amateurs. If you don't mind the various sources, you'll enjoy the nice anal action. It has the whole shebang, ass worship, ass fingering, insertions, ass licking, and of course lots of hardcore anal sex. Don't expect many stories here, most of it is wild pounding.

Video quality is good, but not great. The resolution is 720p HD, but they should use a higher setting for them, because other sites out there have better looking 720p HD vids. They're enjoyable still though.

One of the best things about FHUTA are the huge amount of bonus scenes. You get full access to Brutal Clips, which we reviewed earlier, but that's just a minor part of it. You also get access to the videos of "Adult Member Zone", which has 471 videos. However if you go to their "bonus videos" section, an amazing collection awaits you, 2700+ "HD" videos, and 32.700+ SD videos (yes, over thirty thousand). Of course these bonus scenes are not exclusive, and many of them are 10 years old. They are from various sources, including mainstream retail porn DVDs, with porn stars and amateurs. Also, while the FHUTA scenes are really HD, the HD name in the bonus section only refers to the content source it seems. The bonus sections have no actual HD videos, only DVD resolution. This massive amount can be quite appealing though. You pick any category, and you get tons of scenes, and you'll certainly find some that you'll want to save in your personal collection. All of the bonus scenes can be downloaded, and watched online as well.

The site has a clean, easy to understand interface. The downside is that I found the user-interface a bit sluggish. The download speeds are not the best either, I got under 1mbyte/s (8mbit), even when downloading multiple movies simultaneously. Luckily the online playback is quick and responsive. I missed the ability to select the streaming resolution though. (Streams in 720p HD by default.)
It's nice that they have a model index, and categories too, so you can find the scenes which are to you liking. (Although with such a big bonus library, it'd be good if they added more categories, and advanced search options. Eg. letting you choose a combination of categories/keywords.)

FHUTA works nicely on modern mobiles and tablets too, it is optimized for them. The only thing I missed is that the download links are not shown if you're browsing the site from mobile, only the online video player. Also, make sure that your phone and internet plan are good enough to watch HD videos.

As for the updates, it seems like they add 2-3 new FHUTA anal videos every week. If you add the bonus sites' updates, there is a new update almost every day.

I was not mesmerized by the content on FHUTA. Most of it is not exclusive I believe, and it's collected from various sources. Their HD quality is only OK, it could be better. There is definitely some great anal scenes in the collection though. The best part I'd say is the incredibly large number of bonus scenes. That library alone is well worth the money, especially since it includes over 7700 anal scenes. Yes, close to eight thousand.


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132 scenes
Avg. length
29 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2450 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 1350 kbps


No photos on this site


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