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December 16, 2015
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January 3, 2019
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Dark taboo stories & rough sex with young American starlets. New sites with amazing quality 4K UHD vids. Plus a big library of older sites dedicated to real BDSM and various fetishes.

Review by John Woole


  • One of the best places for dark taboo hardcore
  • Hot American 18-23 year old starlets
  • Amazing looking 4K UHD vids
  • In addition to the newer sites, you get lots of unique amateur/raw BDSM/Fetish sites (SD quality)
  • Good price with the discount


  • Only their newest sites get new updates
  • User interface could be improved
  • 30GB per day limit for downloads and streaming
  • The lowest resolution version might be too big for very slow/limited connections (2mbit/s, 0.5GB per video)
  • No detailed search system

Fetish Network is a megasite that has gone through some changes recently. They used to have a large portfolio of classic BDSM sites. That old library is still present.
Recently, they started producing extreme hardcore vids. They still have BDSM elements, but they also have stories and dark taboo fantasies. Some of these could be called thriller or horror porn.

If you're a fan of extreme porn, you've probably come across some of their new sites: Brutal Castings, Brutal Pickups, Helpless Teens, Teens In The Woods, Teen Creeper, Hostel XXX, and Latina Patrol.
These all have exclusive content, and you get full access to all of them through Fetish Network.

The network's content is divided into 3 parts, based on the quality:

  • 4K: At 51 updates currently. Their newest 4K UHD quality updates from the newest sites. Currently these are Latina Patrol, Teen Creeper, Hostel XXX, Teens In The Woods.
    (UPDATE: Operation Escort and Internet Creeper and Brutal POV as well, new sites which were launched after the review.)
  • HD: At 463 updates currently. Updates from the past few years. The highest resolution for the vids here is either 1080P HD or 720P HD. Includes Brutal Castings, Brutal Pickups, Helpless Teens, Sexual Disgrace, Strapon Squad, Taboo 18, Footjob Addict, Missogyny.
    (Strangely, they also put some 4K updates here from Brutal Castings and Helpless Teens. I guess because those sites are not entirely 4K, they only switched from Full HD to 4K somewhere along the line.)
  • SD: The older stuff. This section is pretty huge, it has 3386 updates. A lot of this stuff is raw BDSM and fetish content. Some of it studio stuff, some of it amateur.
    All their old sites belong here: Glam Bitches, Jerk Off Girlfriends, Mean Handjobs, Brainwashed Teens, Pure Smothering, Jerkoff Instructors, Pure Smoking, Elite Smothering, Kinky Carmen, Footdom Videos, Smother Sluts, Pure Smoking, Pantyhose Creep, Pantyhose Pops, Breast Bondage Videos, Amateur Bondage Videos, Real Bondage Videos, My Kinky Diary, Rope Bondage Videos, Bondage Auditions, Pain Vixen, Pain Freaks, Rope Slaves, Tokyo Slaves, Rick Savage, Elite Spanking, Pure Spanking, Amateur Trampling, Brutal Ball Busting, FemDominas, Facesitting Freaks, Amateur Smothering, Latin Smokers, Smoke 4 You, Taboo Sex Diaries, Nylon Fetish Videos, Fetish Dolls.

The newest sites have really high-end videos, with amazing 4K quality. For these darker taboos, these guys are producing some of the best videos out there. There's a little story in each of them. The fucking is great, it's hard with extreme elements like deep throating, face fucking, and some bondage & domination. The models are gorgeous American stars, such as Alex Blake, Jade Jantzen, Michelle Martinez, Goldie Glock, and Sydney Cole.
At the end of each video they have a little interview with the porn actress, where she tells you how she liked recording the scene.

The older sites in the network have DVD/VHS quality videos. They are generally more amateur and raw. There are some sophisticated BDSM sites between them too though. The main genre is BDSM, with lots of subniches including Bondage, MaleDom, FemDom, Lezdom, Ballbusting, Smothering, and Spanking.
There are also JOI, Smoking, and Pantyhose/Nylon Fetish sites included.
Some of these old sites are large, but they don't get updated anymore.

Other than the videos, many updates have pictures. They're mostly just screen caps from the videos though. There are no ZIP download links for them, so it's not that easy to download the picture galleries. The free tour also mentions free live shows. Those must have been in the past, there are no signs of them now. (Not a big deal, as 99% of the time when sites advertise free cam shows, they're really just sending the members to big cam sites that are available to anyone without a membership.)

The user interface is just okay. I found it a bit slow, and the organization could be better. It's a nice change though that you can browse the 4K / HD / SD scenes separately. There are some categories that you can browse, such as Teens, BDSM/Bondage, Foot Fetish, BDSM Maledom, BDSM Lezdom, Spanking, Femdom, Jerkoff Instructions, Smothering, Smoking, and Legs/Nylon. I'd personally appreciate a more granular keyword/tag system.
Good news for the mobile & tablet users, the layout and navigation works nicely on such devices.

The download speeds are OK. An important thing to note is that you're only allowed to download/stream 30GB per day. That goes very quickly if you download the 4K UHD version of the videos (they're about 10GB per video). Full HD videos are around 2GB, 720P HD are 1.5GB, so you can grab a fair amount of those every day.
The lowest resolution is 480P SD. Those files aren't that small for the new updates either, about 0.5GB per video. Take that into consideration if you have a limited or super slow connection.
As for the streaming playback in the online player, it worked smooth for me. The exception was the 4K streaming, I had issues with that. Most people who want 4K will choose the downloads anyhow.

As for the updates, they usually add a new episode every 3-4 days. When there's a new site, they add a bunch at the same time.

Some aspects of the site could be improved, like the user interface and the download limit. The bottom line is though, that this site produces some of the best extreme porn with dark taboos. They have amazing girls, amazing quality, and great stories. Check out their website and samples. If you like what you see there, you'll love the members area too. The big library of older sites is a nice bonus, if you're into real BDSM or some of those fetishes. You can even get a free 2 day trial membership, but keep in mind that the trial will rebill at the full price instead the discounted ones.


3900 scenes (on Sep 25, 2017)
Avg. length
30 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 40500 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 8300 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 6300 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 2150 kbps
There is a download/streaming bandwidth limit of 30gb per day.


3500 (on Sep 25, 2017)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1600 x 900 px


No webcams on this site

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Recurring Memberships:
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Trial (2 days) Free rebills at $39.95/month LTD
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3 months $71.95 $39.95 rebills at $71.95 $39.95 / 3 months
6 months $69.95 rebills at $69.95 / 6 months
Non-recurring Memberships:
length price rebills
One year $199.95 $99.95 no rebills
Cross sales: Pre-checked Checkbox or Pre-selected Dropdown offers in the join form. If you don't unselect them, you'll pay extra for membership(s) to additional site(s).

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