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Final Score: 61/100

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September 2008 (estimated)
July 7, 2015
Data Revised
February 22, 2016
Mobile & Tablet
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Never (stopped updating)

Review by John Woole, February 22, 2016


An Exotic young girl who's half-Brit, half-Thai. She exposes her petite natural body, plays with her pussy, and does some even naughtier things.


  • A sexy, exotic beauty
  • Great photo sets with some naughty explicit shots
  • Nice masturbation vids
  • Decent collection size
  • Bonus sites and asian hardcore videos


  • No truly new scenes anymore (old content is rotated and readded)
  • Video quality could be higher
  • Video formats are a bit outdated, all-MP4 would be better
  • Streaming video playback won't work on mobiles

Dirty Pancake is a 21 year old girl with an exotic heritage—she's half Brit and half Thai. She's proud of her shapely small tits and the big soft Asian ass, and I can see why! Her website's main focus is explicit nudes and masturbation. There's boy-girl and some girl-girl stuff on it too though.

One of the things I should mention first is that the site is not updated anymore. You'll see some recent dates in the update log, but in reality they just rotate and re-add old scenes from 2008-2009. So if you've been a member in the past, you should skip this site. If you haven't been inside yet, it may have interesting content for you.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the photos. The photographer did a great job. Dirty Pancake poses in sexy little clothes and tiny bikinis. Then she exposes her lovely natural body, and you'll get a good look at every curve. There are many shots of her sometimes bald, sometimes hairy muff, and even her butthole. It's explicit, yet tasteful. The sets don't get boring, there are different surroundings, including many outdoor shots, including beach sets. Luckily they used a good photo resolution back in the day, and they still look good even today. There's an easy way to download each photo set, compressed in a ZIP file.

The videos are decent too, although I liked the photos better. In some of the sets Dirty Pancake dances, in others she masturbates using her fingers or a sex toy. You'll certainly see every bit of her body. There are a small number of BJ, fucking, and lesbian scenes. There is some naughtier stuff too, like butt play, and watersports. Pancake talks in some vids too, she has a British accent. Quality is medium, basically DVD quality. (Some scenes are available in 720 HD too, but they don't look much better.)

The user interface is nice and easy to use. There are no search features, but since that site isn't that big I don't consider it an issue. The site works okay on mobile devices too. The links are a bit small for the mobile screen, but if you don't mind zooming in, you won't have any issues. The only thing that won't work is the online playback of flash videos, but you probably want to download the highest quality version instead anyway.

As for the bonuses, you get access to 3 other older sites, Girls Love Toys, Asian Pantiez, and My Wife Jenny. The extras section has ~270 bonus hardcore movies starring Asian porn actresses, playable online & downloadable, in varying quality from mediocre to good.

It's a shame that Dirty Pancake isn't updated anymore. It's certainly not worth getting a longer membership now. Dirty Pancake is really charming and has a sexy natural body though, and I loved seeing her naked. If you also fall in love with her a little bit, the discounted price isn't too bad to grab the good amount of content that she has in the members' area.

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11 mins
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wmv 720 x 540 px 2200 kbps
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wmv 480 x 360 px 1200 kbps
mp4 432 x 320 px 800 kbps
wmv 320 x 240 px 850 kbps


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2000 x 1500 px HQ
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