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May 16, 2015
January 14, 2017
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March 11, 2017
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Review by John Woole, March 11, 2017


A weird Czech sex club, where every hole on the wall has a real pussy to fuck.


  • Totally unique and original
  • Real dirty gang bangs with strangers
  • Pretty Czech amateur girls
  • Nice looking 1080P Full HD videos
  • You get the whole Czech AV network, which has several other gang bang & group sex sites


  • The videos are short, so the total runtime is only about 10 hours at the moment
  • Slow updates, one video every 3-4 weeks (but you also get the 10 weekly Czech AV updates)
  • The older videos need to be downloaded if you want them in HD resolution (online playback is SD-only for those)
  • If you're using a mobile, you may have to zoom in sometimes to navigate the site

Without a doubt, this is one of the strangest sites I've ever seen. Czech Fantasy has gang bang / group sex videos, recorded at a weird Czech sex club.

It's a gloryhole place on steroids. The guys are not just getting simple blowjobs here. There are holes on the wall, each one offering a real woman's pussy to fuck. Some girls are fuckable from the front, others are positioned so that they can be pounded from behind. One girl's pussy is at head level, to satisfy the pussy eaters' cravings. And of course there are some classic gloryholes too, those girls offers their mouths.

The young Czech guys seem to love the place, it's often crowded in there. They inspect the pussies, talk to each other, and take turns fucking the available pussies. Or they just get a blowjob at the gloryholes. When everything else is taken, some impatient guys will even get the receptionist lady to satisfy them.
The guys mostly use condoms when fucking. But when it comes to finishing, they often shoot their cum on the women's bare pussies!

The girls are amateur Czech girls, mostly young and pretty. You may recognize some porn starlets between them if you've watched a lot of Czech porn. If you like the pretty, natural, amateur look, you'll be happy. I should mention the aweomse camera setup here. There are cameras behind the walls too, so you can watch the girls' reactions while they get fucked and groped by strangers.

The quality is nice, the majority of the videos are available in Full HD. You can download them or watch them online, it's your choice. Two lower resolutions are also available.
I should note that the oldest 20 videos in the archives have a bit lower specifications. They're still HD, just 720P HD. They still look pretty good. One smaller downside for those early videos is that the 720P resolution is only available for the downloadable WMVs—the online playback is SD-only for those. You can download those WMVs pretty quickly though, and any decent media player app will play them fine.

The site's updates are kind of slow. They add a new video every 3-4 weeks. One video like that is 9 minutes long, part of a longer episode. They're at Czech Fantasy Episode 10 at the moment. I haven't mentioned one of the greatest perks though. If you subscribe Czech Fantasy, you also get the whole Czech AV network. The network has over 3700 videos in total, all original amateur Czech stuff. The network adds about 10 new updates each week, and it includes access to several other gang bang / group sex themed sites, such as Czech Mega Swingers, Czech Gangbang, Czech BangBus, Czech Garden Party, Czech Parties, Czech Game, Czech Harem, Czech Lesbians, Czech Home Orgy. And there is also Czech Dungeon, another one of their weird sites.

The design and navigation of the website is very simple. You get a list of the updates sorted by date, which you can browse, view online, and download. It's sufficient for CzechFantasy, but when you go on to browse the huge library of Czech AV, you'll miss the search features and model index.
I also tested the site on mobile. Everything works fine. There is only a minor annoyance, some of the navigation elements are small, so a little zooming in is required on mobile.

Czech Fantasy is surreal and dirty. Is the place real, or just a fantasy? I don't know. But if you like gang bangs and gloryholes, or even just bondage sex, you need to see this.

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