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September 2001 (estimated)
February 17, 2017
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February 27, 2017
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Review by John Woole, February 27, 2017


Big booty girls shake their asses, twerk, and tease you. They wear tiny bikinis or lingerie, sometimes they go topless and fully nude. Black girls, latinas, and PAWGs.


  • Huge library of exclusive content
  • All kinds of big booty girls, black, latina, and white models
  • True focus on the butts
  • Nice Full HD quality on most videos
  • 30 videos and 18 new photo galleries added on the first of each month


  • Every month there are some videos that seem to be recorded with a phone instead of a real camera
  • Camerawork could be improved
  • No proper model index and search feature
  • No SD video format for slow connections, even the lowest resolution is 720P HD

Do you like big booties? You're in the right place then. Chocolate Models is a unique site. They put on some bumping beats in their New York City studio, and have the girls dance, shake their asses, and tease you with their big butts.

They'll cast all kinds of girls, as long as they have a big booty. Black girls, latinas, and PAWGs (phat ass white girls). BBW lovers will find many models to their liking too. Most models are new on the internet, I think some may be working as strippers in real life. ChocolateModels also features some stars such as Maserati XXX.

Most of the content is softcore / sexy teasing in nature. The girls dance and twerk in tiny thongs and bikinis, or tease you with their sexy butts on the couch. There are girls who'll go topless or show you their fully nude bodies. Even those are softcore, there are no closeups or masturbation here. The interesting parts are sometimes slowed down though, so you have more time to enjoy them.

The video quality is nice on most of the videos. We're talking about 1080P Full HD vids, that you can both download or watch online. There's also a 720P HD alternative. I was happy to find such high quality videos even in the beginning of their archives.
I should mention that not every single video is like that. Each month there some vids that were recorded with a phone instead of a real HD camera. Those don't look as good.

The photos are good quality too. You can either download them as ZIPs, or view them one by one on the site. If you go back to the first half of their archives, the resolution will be lower, but they're still very enjoyable.

The user interface is unusual, you can browse the updates of each monthly bundle separately. It's logical at least, and the downloads are fast. I had no trouble with the streaming videos either. I'd appreciate some more browsing and sorting options though. For instance there is no proper search and model index.
There are no SD video alternatives on the desktop site, even the lower quality option is HD 720P. These videos are only 200-350MB in size though, so unless you have a real slow connection, they shouldn't be a problem.

A few words about the Desktop Site vs. the Mobile Site. If you decide to sign up, you need to pick one of them, and your password will work only on that one. There is not much of a difference though, they have the same videos. The Desktop site's highest video resolution is 1080P HD, the Mobile one only has 720P HD. The ZIP download links are missing on the mobile site, you can only view the pics online there.
The Mobile site is a bit more comfortable to navigate on phones, although you won't have much trouble on the desktop site either, other than having to zoom in a little.

The update system is like this. They always add the whole month's worth of updates all at once, on the first of the month. That's around 30 new videos and 18 photo galleries every month. It's impressive.

If you're looking for exotic dancers who have big butts, enjoy the strip club tease atmosphere, hip hop beats and twerking, you should definitely check out this site. It has a massive amount of big butt models, including many BBWs. The payments are handled by a trusted independent merchant, Verotel, which also makes it easy to cancel. If big asses are your thing, go ahead and check out their free tour, they have lots of samples.

Enter Chocolate Models


1260 scenes
Avg. length
12 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 7175 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2675 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
2000 x 1329 px HQ


No webcams on this site

Prices & Billing

Recurring Memberships:
1st period price rebills
Trial (28 days) $24.95 rebills at $21.95/month
One month $29.95 rebills at $18.95 / month
3 months $54.95 rebills at $16.95 / month
6 months $74.95 rebills at $12.95 / month
Non-recurring Memberships:
length price rebills
One month $34.95 no rebills
3 months $57.95 no rebills
6 months $79.95 no rebills
Updates are added all at once at the beginning of each month. About 30 videos, and 18 photo galleries every month.

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