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November 2015 (estimated)
May 31, 2017
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October 21, 2017
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This site is part of the Let's Doe It network. Signing up Bums Bus gives access to the whole network.

Review by John Woole, June 30, 2017


A German crew with a minibus and pocketful of Euros. They cruise the streets of Berlin, looking for German girls to fuck! Part of the Let's Doe It network.


  • A German reality site with pickups :-)
  • All videos are Full HD and nice looking
  • Great usability, also on tablets and mobiles
  • Superb network access, including some other reality sites
  • Great price for the network


  • Most episodes are in German, without English subtitles
  • Condom use in most episodes
  • Photo order often a bit messed up

Bums Bus is basically the German version of BangBus. A crew of young pornographers cruise the streets of Berlin with a minibus, looking for chicks to have sex with. The site is part of the Let's Doe It network, so if you sign up, you get access to 30+ paysites, not just this one.

Bums Bus itself had 91 episodes at the time of the review. One of the most important things to know is that the conversations are in German in almost all episodes. Some do have English subtitles, but they're the minority.

Each episode has a video that's about half an hour long, and a matching photo set. When the guys find a girl that looks daring, they offer her money to show them titties body in the van. If they succeed, it's smooth sailing from there…offer some more Euros, and the girl will blow one of them and sit on his dick!

Most of the girls are young German chicks, like Anny Aurora, Bella Blond, and Paula Rowe. Many with big fake tits and tattoos, but there are slim natural beauties and MILFs as well. They'll also fuck some Czech and English babes occassionally, such as Angel Wicky and Sigourney Beaver (oh yes, that's her name).

The first half of the vids is about the pickup, chatting, and convincing, and the second half has the naughty bits. These German chicks get a fun, hard fucking! Most vids have condoms in the penetration part. I don't mind personally, but I know some of our readers don't like them. The guy then finishes in the girl's mouth, on her face, body, or pussy, depending on his mood.
Most videos are pretty straightforward, but I came across a few special ones. There are a few threesomes, ones with black guys fucking the chick. And in one it's Sexy Susi, a female porn star picking up guys to fuck.

I was happy to see that every single video is Full HD, and good looking. You can watch them on the site, or download them, it's up to you. Of course there are lower resolution options too, so people on slower connections or devices can enjoy them as well.

As I said, each episode has a photo set too. They're big galleries, with good quality pics. I often got the feeling that they only took the pics to got that part covered. I think it would be better if they used shorter galleries, and only included the best snaps. My other complaint is that the photo order is often incorrect. For instance you could be looking at naked pics, then clothed posing appears again. Nevertheless, if you're into photos, there are some great shots between them, and the quality is decent.

The usability of Bums Bus is excellent. Or I should rather say the network's, because in the member area you can browse all of their sites' updates. There are tons of keywords, filtering and sorting options. Multiple quality options for the videos, and everything is fast. The site works great on desktops, tablets, and mobiles as well. Thumbs up!

As for the updates, Bums Bus adds 3-4 new episodes every month. On top of those come the other updates from the network. In total that means 2-3 new exclusive scenes every single day.

In my opinion there are some more original reality sites out there, but Bums Bus is a solid site overall. Those who are interested in German girls in specific will love it. If you don't mind the lack of English subs, or you're just a big fan of the genre, it can be a good choice too. One thing is for sure, the network value is great. You get 1900+ Full HD vids in total. Some of the sites included in the memberships might be particularly interesting. If you're into reality & pickups, take a look at these sites: Fucked In Traffic, Bitches Abroad, Deutschland Report, Las Folladoras, My Naughty Album, and Operación Limpieza. The site uses reputable merchants for processing payments, so there will be no issues with the cancellation.

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91 scenes
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28 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 12100 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2635 kbps
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mp4 428 x 240 px 785 kbps


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Taken from Live Jasmin

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