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June 10, 2015
December 16, 2015
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September 25, 2017
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Review by Peter Hall, March 14, 2016


Naive and sexy young American girls being tricked and ordered to fuck at the Brutal Castings studio. A hardcore site with some light BDSM elements.


  • Original, first class content
  • Beautiful American teens
  • Stunning Full HD videos
  • Long movies
  • Access to the whole Fetish Network


  • They advertise 4K, but in reality they only have Full HD
  • No SD videos, which can be a problem for people with slow devices/connections
  • Links are small on mobile screens
  • No ZIPs for the pictures (although they're just screencaps)
  • Live shows are mentioned but I couldn't find them

Sometimes a girl must pay a price to get what she wants. It is rough to get out of the anonymity and make a name for oneself. In this case, literally rough.

From the moment the girls enter casting room, they are subjected to deceitful plan of the horny director, who has only one goal in his mind—and that is to fuck them hard and brutally. Most of them are so naive that they won't even try to resist. Some will try to at least resist in the beginning, but all that sweet talk and pressure coming from the director will eventually get him what he wanted from the beginning. It is up to you to decide what you like more, absolutely obedient cuties or those that try to stick to their standards. As far as I am concerned, if they are fucked good and sprayed with hot sperm, they are all welcome.

I should tell you that while the site is good at presenting these BDSM-flavored casting stories, don't expect anything really extreme. The action is wild, there are big dicks, bondage and some slapping, and I even saw a ballgag in a scene, but generally they don't go much further than your average rougher hardcore flick. I loved the scenes though, the action is super hot with great camerawork and quality.

At the time of this review the site has 48 HD BDSM sex videos of young girls being transformed into sex puppets. The video I liked the most personally is the one with Ava Taylor. The sexy schoolgirl arrives to her teen casting. From the moment she enters room, you can see how naive and happy she is. I guess she is proud of herself. The casting agent wants to take a few photos of her in her underwear—we all know that it always starts like that. When he tells her to get naked, trying to convince her it's the only way to become famous, she grabs her clothes and stops to cooperate. At this point the guy straight up tells her: if she doesn't do what he says, she can leave immediately. For Ava that would mean that her dreams are over. The rest is history, and you can see it inside members' area of Brutal Castings.

Anyway, whoever picks the girls for these castings has a pretty good taste. You'll probably recognize some of them. All of them are young, more or less stupid, and they all want to become famous. From being a cheerful girl to becoming a cum slut, it is a very short road. And this applies to all of them: brunettes, blondes, Asians, schoolgirls, etc. The girls are American, so there are no language issues. The first part of the videos with the little interviews, conversations, and the process of convincing the girls is exciting.

Each scene has pictures too. Now these are only screen caps from the videos. The bright side is that the new ones are really high quality, as they're captures from 4K footage I think. (The older ones are decent too, 1920x1080, taken from the Full HD videos.) While I'm not a big fan of screen caps, it would still be great if we could download the galleries in a single ZIP file.

The site had been adding a new scene every week on schedule. There was a little gap just now in the beginning of March. They've added a new scene yesterday, so I'm hoping that they'll get back to the weekly updates. Either way, you'll get multiple weekly updates for sure if you consider that you get access to the whole Fetish Network, which has around 50 sites. There is a mention of live shows, but I don't think those exist anymore.

Quality is awesome, their Full HD files have a clear image. You can choose to stream or download the videos in various sizes and quality. It's awesome that you can stream even the Full HD version. One thing that's a bit bothering is that the links are labeled as 4320p. There is no actual 4K resolution here though. I think they do use 4K cameras, but the actual downloads are 1080P Full HD.

Navigation is same as on the other sites of the Fetish Network, which means simple and clean. You can browse all updates of the network together, or list the scenes of a single site. On every update page you will have the option to rate the set. The only thing I missed were the ZIP downloads for the picture galleries. I had no problems with the video download and streaming speed. If you have a break at work, just log in, and squeeze in a wank.

If you're using a mobile device, everything will work, but some of the links are small, so you'll have to zoom in to tap them. Also, as there are only HD videos here, no SD version, you have to make sure that your device and internet connection can handle HD.

When you consider everything, Brutal Castings is a great rough sex BDSM website. I think regular castings fans will enjoy it a lot too, at least I did. Their library isn't gigantic, but the content is really high quality. As you get the whole Fetish Network with their thousands of kinky videos, that's not such a big issue. Some sites that are included and you will probably find interesting: Helpless Teens, Sexual Disgrace, Brainwashed Teens, and their new site, Brutal Pickups. Go ahead and check out Brutal Castings, I think you will like what you see.

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mp4 1920 x 1280 px FULLHD 4169 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1280 px FULLHD 2181 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2155 kbps
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5168 x 2912 px UHQ
1920 x 1280 px HQ


No webcams on this site

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