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November 6, 2013
January 28, 2016
Data Revised
September 25, 2017
Mobile & Tablet
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Never (stopped updating)
This site is part of the Fetish Network network. Signing up Brainwashed Teens gives access to the whole network.

Review by Peter Hall, January 29, 2016


The doctor hypnotizes hot young teens, who willingly stroke his cock and masturbate in front of him. Kinky Full HD videos, and access to the whole Fetish Network.


  • An exciting, original topic
  • Exclusive content
  • Very sexy young girls
  • Good quality videos in Full HD resolution
  • You get the whole Fetish Network, with 3700+ kinky scenes


  • Rotates old content, no truly new scenes since 2013
  • Not a huge amount of content (if you don't count the other sites)
  • Lists 4K video links, but "only" has Full HD
  • Pictures are just screen caps from the videos
  • The network could use some more advanced search options

Brainwashed Teens is something I've never seen before. They have a pretty kinky approach to masturbation and handjobs. Basically, this small website is dedicated to a crazy scenario, a convincing doctor ordering girls around. Everything happens in the exam room. I couldn't find the exact reason why the girls are so cooperative, it could be hypnosis. Don't need to take this site super seriously anyway—who cares as long as the girls masturbate and stroke his cock!

Now that you know what is behind the Brainwashed Teens name, there are two important things that you should know. Number one, the site is pretty small—and, number two, your password gives you access to the complete Fetish Network.

Do you like to watch servile and sexy young girls stroking dick? The girls are sexy young American porn starlets like Jasmine Caro. Most scenes are 1 on 1 here—one girl and the doctor's dick, recorded from a POV perspective. There are also some different interesting scenarios though, like the one that I am about to describe.

Two cute teen friends, the gorgeous Jessica Robbin and Roxanne Rae have come to the doctor. They are actually thrill seekers. They have heard rumors about the doctor, but they think of themselves as strong persons that nobody can control. They will prove the rumors wrong.

They couldn't be more wrong. The experienced doctor makes them undress within a minute. He makes them get down on the floor and express respect to their new master before beginning the strange session. He makes them masturbate, while sitting side by side. The girls' next task is to walk around the examination room and say: "Yes Master, I will worship your cock". After the humiliating introduction, they both grip his dick and stroke it, begging for it the entire time. The Doctor orders one of the girls to go back on the couch, and masturbate, so that he can watch her fingers go in and out of her wet and juicy pussy. The other girl has to continue jerking off her doctor's cock, awaiting his sperm to come. When he's about to jizz, he orders both girls in front of him. Experienced as he is, he has prepared enough semen for both their faces and big young titties.

That was just one of fantasies, there are multiple variations on the same theme that you can check out in the members' area. It's common that the girls are not resisting and they are more than ready to fulfill their master's orders. Vibrators and magic wands also make an appearance in some of the sets. The whole thing is an original and hot idea. I will say however that they could have done an even better job with this topic. We don't get to see much of the "hypnosis" at all, the scenes usually start with the girls stripping and obeying orders.

Video quality is good. You can watch each scene in various resolutions online, and also download them. The highest version is Full HD. They have UHD (4K) links on the scene page, but that's wrong information. Some sites in the network may have 4K, but Full HD is the maximum resolution on this site.

Every update has its own picture gallery as I said. They are just screen caps from the videos though, in a medium resolution. ZIP downloads are not available either, so there is no easy way to download the full galleries.

Once you log on to this site, the first page you will see is actually a central "hub" for all sites in the Fetish Network. From there you can view the content of any of their sites, including Brainwashed Teens. Navigation is simple and clean. There are thumbnails for each update with basic info (title, date and rating). On the scene page, you get a detailed description of the story, links to the videos in various resolutions that you can download or watch streamed, plus a link to the photo gallery of the set. The network has some basic search options, and the sites' scenes are sorted into basic categories that you can check out.

Fetish Network can be used on mobiles too. It's not fully optimized, some links are a bit small and you have to zoom in, but other than that, you can view and play everything. On Chrome Mobile I could only watch the videos when switched to Full Screen, but on Firefox Mobile I had no issues at all.

Now the bad part. There are around 26 Brainwashed Teens updates. While the new scenes have recent dates, the truth is that they have had the same amount of scenes since 2013. They just rotate these scenes, make an old one disappear, and then re-add it a bit later. This is pretty bad. The only good part is that they seem to use a higher Full HD bitrate for the newest re-adds (8000kbps). Fortunately many other sites in the network do get truly fresh content.

Brainwashed Teens definitely has a hot, unusual topic. The execution could be a bit better—the stories are exciting, but they could make them more elaborate with some effort. Still, the scenes are interesting and good quality, their slutty teens are very pretty, and the handjobs and masturbations are hot. While there are no real updates for this particular site, you can't really go wrong with the membership. Fetish Network has over 40 sites in various kinky topics, with over 3700 scenes for you to watch, it's really a paradise for fetish, kink, and BDSM lovers.

Enter Brainwashed Teens

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26 scenes
Avg. length
13 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 3136 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 1552 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 835 kbps
mp4 320 x 180 px 695 kbps
There is a download/streaming bandwidth limit of 30gb per day.


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1024 x 576 px


No webcams on this site

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